July, 2011

After many years of talking about buying an Airstream, we finally decided to do it…a few years earlier than we had anticipated. Instead of waiting until I retired…another 8 years…we decided by buying it now we could still include our kids in our adventures while they were still living at home.

First night at home!


After MUCH consideration, we decided on a new 16 ft Bambi International. The deciding factor for us were the wrap around windows on both sides. The 16 ft. is compact enough to sit in our driveway and afford us a spot in any national park we choose. Although the large units are spacious and beautiful, we are looking forward to making our “cozy” little space work.

Although the Airstream is small, it has all the comforts of home. There is a flat screen TV with a blue ray DVD player, a blue tooth stereo that allows us to connect with our i-devices, a cute galley kitchen, and a small wet bath. The lights are LED and use very little power – they also have dimmer switches which is a very nice feature.

Sadly our Acura MDX, a car that has taken on us on many road trip adventures, wasn’t powerful enough to pull the little Airstream. With great sadness we traded it in for a used Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. The truck is more powerful and we saw just how useful it was to be able to throw dirty camping equipment in the back. We’ll miss the MDX, but I’m confident we’ll make just as many happy memories in our new little truck!

Driveway Camping on our first night under a full moon!

View of galley kitchen and back bedroom.

Dinette – makes into a double bed

View into bedroom area…

Flat screen HDTV…doesn’t get used very often!