While the rest of the country has seen record heat all summer, we’ve had a particularly cool season again this year. We had originally planned on heading  down the Columbia River Gorge  this weekend to Memaloose State Park where we’d be dry camping, but when we saw that temperatures where predicted to hit triple digits, we decided to book a place at a local park that had electrical hookups….air conditioning!!! We had never used our AC before, and we were actually anxious to give it a try.

McIver State Park is just 15 minutes up the road from our house. Although it was an hour and a half away from Hood River, where we had planned to spend some time this weekend we decided the drive would be worth it if we could stay comfortable and cool. We are used to temperatures in the mid 70’s and we literally wilt when the temps rise above 90. We’re just not acclimated to those temperatures…is anybody really???

We got the only open reservation in the park. Apparently the weekends are booked months ahead, so someone must have canceled when they saw the forecast…lucky for us!

The little town of Hood River is about 90 miles from  McIver Park, but it’s a beautiful drive over the mountain pass, so we didn’t mind a bit. Fueled up with our favorite breakfast on Mt. Hood, we opened the sunroof, turned up the music and enjoyed the afternoon drive. It also gave us a chance to scout out some new campgrounds near Cooper Spur on the other side of the mountain.

This weekend Rasmussen Farms in Hood River was hosting a Van Gogh Sunflower Festival. We’ve been there before and it was a lot of fun! I love sunflowers and was hoping to get some pretty photos. We pulled up at high noon, and in typical Gorge style, the wind was howling and the temperatures were already above 100. The wind made taking photos difficult, as the flowers wouldn’t hold still and cooperate! We still had fun walking through the fields and admiring the large varieties of flowers they harvest.

Old Motel Chairs someone had fun with…gotta get me a set!

Love the yellows against the blue sky!

This little display is always set up for the seasons…

Just makes you smile!

They also have other flower gardens as well

Summer harvest

Van Gogh

Hood River is known for it summer cherry crop!

The giants

Rasmussen Farms

Small one in the land of giants



We spent less time at the farm than we would have liked, but it was just too hot. We headed to the little town of Mosier, located between Hood River and the Dalles for a drink and some snacks. There is a little cafe in Mosier that we always thought looked interesting called the Thristy Woman –  The food was mediocre but the view was fantastic.

Dining with a view!

Thirsty Woman Cafe

Ice Cream Stop

We arrived back to camp during the early evening. Too hot to sit outside, we retreated into the Bambi to enjoy the AC. I’m happy to report that our unit had no problem cooling our tiny space. We don’t spend a lot of time inside the Airstream during the summer, but the hot weather gave us an opportunity to drop in a DVD and begin the Hatfield and McCoy Series we’d been wanting to watch.

Walk to lake at sunset and stumbled upon this little guy

Before the sunset


No campfire this night…good movie though!

It was a nice day!