The Willamette valley is known for wet, dreary winters and springs, so when spring finally arrives, we head down the Columbia River Gorge in search of sunshine. An added bonus is the spectacular wildflower display that we’re treated to each year. It’s just an hour drive from our home, but it’s the landscape and climate are completely different than we experience in the valley.


Cozy inside as it storms outside….

There aren’t a lot of great camping choices in the gorge. Memaloose State Park in our opinion is a real gem. The camp sites are spacious, many are private, and most offer a nice view of the Columbia River. Some are bothered by the close proximity of the train tracks, but to us it’s an added bonus. We sleep through the noise at night without issue, and we enjoy watching them pass during the day.


Another reason to visit is the wonderful little town of Hood River. We love it so much there that we’re considering it as a home-base for retirement. If you’re ever in the area, plan on spending an afternoon exploring the great shops and restaurants.

One note – I’ve almost exclusively moved to using my iPhone for photos. The quality is quite as good, but the flexibility is so nice and lots of fun. No cumbersome camera gear, and easy quick edits.



The end of a beautiful weekend!