A cold and grey afternoon here in Portland – Finally time to dust off the cobwebs on this blog and record a few more memories.

We purchased our 28′ Signature in July and we’ve really been loving the extra space. It’s been especially wonderful when we’re able to borrow our five year old granddaughter for some weekend adventures. The sofa bed pulls out so easily and we really like being able to leave our dinette in place.


I’ve always wanted to visit Champoeg State Park in the autumn but getting reservations can be difficult. Typically, they need to be made well in advance. With the promise of sunshine in the forecast I began to check several times a day as the weekend approached. I was finally able to grab a cancellation. We expected it to be beautiful, we know it’s a popular time of the year to visit, and now we understand exactly why that is.


Beware of creatures running through your campground!

When we arrived on Friday night we couldn’t believe our good luck – there were vintage Airstreams everywhere. Of course the Airstreams caught our attention first, but upon closer inspection, the entire park was filled with beautiful vintage trailers of all makes and models. All of them festively decorated for Halloween. Apparently someone in the rally made a last minute cancellation and we got their spot right in the middle of the group. We certainly aren’t vintage – but our shiny silver camouflage made us a little less conspicuous. Luckily I brought a few Halloween decorations of my own so we blended in somewhat well.






The vintage trailer rally by Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailers, is a group of friendly Oregonians who gather at Champoeg annually. Most members open their trailers for tour during an open house and then invite kids to trick-or-treat. We weren’t expecting to give tours of our trailer, but many members thought we were part of the rally and walked right into ours. It was a lot of fun showing some of the changes Airstream has made in the past 50 years. We arrived to the campground without costumes or goodies, but Molly’s parents live just an hour away and joined us on Saturday, costumes, treats campfires and laughs.



Reading Pumpkin Head for the thousandth time!

What a special weekend it was. Something Todd and I will always remember fondly! We’ve already made reservations to return next year!