Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a treat this week to get a little snow down to the valley floor! We don’t see it often in Portland and when we do it’s a pretty exciting event. Maybe it has something to do with being a teacher and enjoying that wonderful concept called SNOW DAY!  We had had a cold snap for about a week and as the cold air moved out and the Pacific moisture moved in, they came together for the perfect storm…that lasted all of five hours!

Since it had been cold and we hadn’t winterized our trailer, Todd and I had been sleeping outside in order to keep the pipes from freezing….maybe it was just an excuse to camp out on the driveway since we knew we wouldn’t be getting away for a few weeks. At any rate, we would have slept right through the snow if we hadn’t been awakened by a barrage of snowballs hitting our windows. Our kids (16 & 22) weren’t going to let a perfectly good snow go to waste, even if it was nearly midnight.

It was really beautiful to see the yard under a blanket of white …a pretty contrast from the brown mud and green moss that normally cover the landscaping this time of year. Dressed in my pajamas and flip flops I ran in and grabbed my camera, excited to snap a few photos of the Bambi in the snow. We’d been wanting to take the trailer up to Mt. Hood for some snow shots, but the mountain snow was just too heavy and traffic on the mountain was a nightmare. We are still newbies when it comes to pulling our trailer and we weren’t sure our nerves were ready for hauling it through the snow quite yet!



So glad I grabbed my camera when I did. Around 3 a.m. the snow turned to rain and by 9 a.m there was nothing left of it. I survived the next day at school after very little sleep and a classroom full of very disappointed ten year olds (and one 45 year old! )