Where The Red Fern Grows…

Monday, February 13, 2012

Got a call at work on Friday from my husband at 3pm telling me the weekend weather was looking good…why not head back up to Silver Creek?! Met him at home 45 minutes later and within the hour we were packed and ready to leave. We’ve got this down to a real science now!

Headed down the road at dinner time just as it was getting dark. A huge storm settled in dumping rain and making visibility really difficult. Setting up the trailer wasn’t much fun either, but when we were finally finished we holed up inside where it was warm and cozy. We enjoyed a glass of wine, a good movie and went to sleep early looking forward to a hike in the sunshine on Saturday.

Love the warm glow of the inside of the trailer!

We slept in until 8:30 Saturday morning…something we never do at home. We enjoyed coffee and a good breakfast and set out around lunch to further explore the park.

We enjoyed a pretty hike (about 8 miles round trip) to North Falls. We were only able to hike the rim trail because the heavy rain and snow had brought down many trees over the past weeks and trails had washed out.

Reminded me of Old Dan and Little Ann from WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS!

Along the creek…

We retuned to camp, had lunch, read books, watched a movie and enjoyed each others’ company around the fire. No schedules, no responsibilities, just relaxation! It was wonderful….life is good!

One last note – There is no Verizon cell service in the park. You have to drive almost a half an hour before you find a bar. This has been a problem because I like to check in with the kids during the day. After several trips to the park, pushing quarters in the pay phone we finally realized that the AT&T data plan on our iPad worked great! Now I can really relax, knowing I can be connected whenever I want to be…just one more reason to love this place 🙂

Connected through AT&T