Monday, March 12, 2012

The Columbia River Gorge!

The funny thing is….we have never been particularly spontaneous people…we’re planners. We both have demanding schedules and have spent most of our lives busy with jobs and kids. Vacations and even small getaways were always planned well in advance. Enter the Bambi into our lives. We can decide to leave, be packed, hitched and on the road in less than 45 minutes! It’s wonderful!

Columbia River Gorge

The Bridge of the Gods between Oregon and Washington

Take this weekend for example. The weather was particularly miserable. Strong wind and rains were in the forecast and the weekend storm they were expecting was supposed to be one of the worst of the season. We had dinner reservations at 6pm at the Multnomah Falls Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge. As we sat watching the rain beat against the windows it occurred  to us that we might as well go in search of a small adventure. A change of clothes, camera gear and a little something for breakfast…we were set.

The old lodge at Multnomah Falls

We headed up to a private little campground just outside Stevenson, Washington called Timberlake. The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful area to explore, but from what we’ve seen, the state campgrounds there are lacking. We stayed at Melamoose last summer. The views were pretty, but it was difficult to sleep due to the noise from trains and the highway. Timberlake Campground in located inland a few miles so you’re away from the river but the forest scenery is still quite beautiful!

Private campground in Stevenson, Washington

Secluded space.

Very green and lots of water!

Relaxing weekend!

It was a fun night…our dinner was great and although it rained nonstop, the beauty of the gorge never disappoints!