I love our tiny trailer. There’s hardly anything I’d change about it…..except, a larger closet would be SO nice!!! Our closet is absolutely minuscule and after owning the Airstream for a year now, we knew we needed to come up with a better way of organizing our clothes.

We’ve tried hanging fabric shoe holders…they wasted so much space because although the space is narrow, it’s fairly deep! We also tried stacking tubs, but it was impossible to get into the lower ones, and we just ended throwing our clothes on top! This weekend we, Todd actually, designed and installed a wire closet shelving system for the Bambi. The biggest challenge was the lack of space to work in. He had to contort his body in all types of odd angles to get in there. It took forever, but it’s done and we now have something that works much better…much, much better!

Look at all that WONDERFUL space!

new storage on back of door works nicely!

While he was working on the closet, I reorganized the rest of the space…I had fun…he didn’t!

New key and wallet holder…out of the way!

Dining area…

More stackables

More storage under the bed…

I tried to give moral support…”Honey, are you done YET?” This took awhile. I got bored and went and took photos:

Pretty blooms around the yard….

Anyway, we’re ready to take on summer in a clean and newly organized trailer!

We can see our reflection again…

We are ready to go camping….now, if the sun would just cooperate…C’mon summer!

End the weekend with some good burgers!

Happy camping!