Headed up to Mt. Hood last night thinking we’d secure a good campsite for a few days and we did. Parked it  and came back home to get things ready and to pick up our kids who will be joining us this time for a couple of days.

Tucked in the ferns…

Creek that runs past our site…

We spent the afternoon in search of sunshine. We drove a short way up the mountain and climbed above the thick cloud layer. We spent some time checking out other campgrounds. Trillium Lake is a very popular campground with beautiful views of Mt. Hood!

View of Mt. Hood from Tillium Lake

Odd cloud formation

Stayed the night last night and it poured! Hoping the weather finally breaks, as the newscasters keep promising, so we can have a great Fourth of July adventure! We have some beautiful hikes planned and lots of good food and drink!

A little red and blue for the holiday…

Our favorite wine around the campfire…a pretty label, too!

It’s a jungle….View from our back bedroom windows

Passing the time looking for colors other than green…


Tiny spider

Last light of the day…

I bring my own color….

Put up a framed photo I took in Santa Fe…brightens the kitchen.

It feels a little unnerving leaving the Bambi up on the mountain all day…alone….We’ll be leaving shortly to head back up and attempt to put a tent up by flashlight. Hopefully everything is still secure.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!