I’ve been putting off writing on my blog for a while.

I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around all the changes that we’ve had to deal with over the past month. I have breast cancer – an ugly and aggressive form of the disease. Ironically, a form of cancer that usually shows up in young people. I hadn’t really considered myself particularly young at 46, but in the world of breast cancer,  I’m still a youngster.

One minute, our life was normal and the next minute our world was spinning. A month has passed now since diagnosis and I am ready to move on! I am ready to be done crying and I’m ready to go back to appreciating my life!  I’m ready to go back to spending happy times with my family and friends and most of all I’m ready to appreciate the beauty and significance of each new day and experience.

One of the reasons we bought our Airstream in the first place is that we knew that life could turn on a dime.  Todd and I wanted to experience this adventure together while we were young and healthy. We had a wonderful first year! We enjoyed ourselves more than we could ever have imagined. Life is good and cancer can’t take that away!

One week before my diagnosis, we spent a beautiful weekend with the staff that I teach with at Camp Creek. It was a fun way to end the summer camping season! I’ve been a teacher at my school for 23 years! These people to me are more like family than friends.

My dear friend Liz. She was able to pop a tent on our site right near the creek!

Todd myself and Liz

Hobo pies thanks to Trish!

My fourth grade teaching buddies!

Good friends!

We’ve all watched our families grow up together!

Perfect afternoon for a hike…the leaves were just beginning to change in the high altitude!

Along our hike…so pretty!

Our pretty campsite 🙂

Todd and I are heading out this weekend for our first trip since diagnosis and starting chemo. I’m feeling healthy and strong and I can’t wait to sit by the campfire again!!!!