We are not good planners when it comes to making camping reservations. In fact, many times in the summer I sit in front of the computer during the day hitting refresh a million times in hope that someone cancels and a spot becomes available. We are still weekend campers and camping seems to have become far more popular in the eight years since we’ve owned our trailer – especially Fridays and Saturdays. So, in changing with the times, last fall we sat down for an afternoon and booked our favorite sites through the spring and summer seasons. One of the places we look forward to the most is this site in Memaloose. The weather is usually nice (compared to Portland) and the views are unsurpassed.  We had this weekend perfectly planned with a trip to a winery and a good dinner in Hood River…but then….

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What a view!

The day we were to leave on this trip, our daughter called with a slight emergency. She and her husband had a work event to go to in the evening and their babysitter canceled at the last minute. We love taking Molly camping – she’s easy and she loves it. BUT, we had never taken Jack, our two year old grandson, along for an adventure by ourselves. Our only real experience camping with him was when he was turning one. He wasn’t a fan, and much to the embarrassment of his mom and dad,  he made sure the entire campground knew it. So, after a bit of thought we decided to give it a try. We threw their car seats in the car, a few toys and a quickly packed backpack in the truck and we headed off. He was thrilled to be going along.  


The kids loved watching the trains go by!

I’m so glad we did. Both kids and grandparents had a wonderful time. He ended up being just that much older and he enjoyed every minute of it. Pretty sure he’ll have something to say about being left at home from now on. Many years of happy adventures with these two to look forward to. Being a grandparent is absolutely the best!!


He never tired of watching the trains go by!


On our way home…and the sign of a good weekend coming to an end!

This was so much more fun than a winery visit and a good dinner. Hot dogs, bedtime stories and snuggles are the best. We can’t wait to do this again!


After seeing our camping success story, Jack’s mommy and daddy decided to try camping again themselves. They reported that wonderful memories were made and they too couldn’t wait to do it again. A few pictures they sent me from their first family adventure….It makes my heart happy!


They bought a little pop up trailer and it’s adorable inside!