The last several years, it’s become a tradition for us to spend the week after Christmas at the Sea Perch in Yachats, Oregon. The drive is just long enough for us that we’re not able to easily get there during the school year for a visit, and the resort is very popular and hard to reserve during the summer months. So, being a teacher, we take advantage of Christmas break.

Visiting during the off season pretty much assures an ocean front site – you are literally just feet from the beach and the views, even during the storms (or especially during the storms if you enjoy them) are spectacular.

The central Oregon Coast has a distinctly different feel than the long stretches of sandy beaches you’ll find on the northern coast. The beaches here are more rugged and they’re really fun to explore. During the winter storms, the sand is washed away and replaced with rocks. We spend hours agate hunting on this beach, and this year we came away with lots of treasures. We always get surprisingly nice weather in January here. In fact, we look forward to the storms rolling in because they bring in more agates.

The Sea Perch RV Resort is a great place to visit. The grounds are clean, the staff is friendly, and the views are spectacular! If you’re headed to the central Oregon Coast, this is a place you won’t want to miss.