A quiet summer afternoon – decided to do some blog catch up today! A lot of great little trips over the last few months! None quiet as special to me though as our first semi-solo trip with our 2.5 year old granddaughter!

This is the second Mother’s Day weekend we’ve spent camping at the beach with our daughter’s family. This year, they were only able to join us for one night, so we snatched their baby a day early and headed to the one of our favorite spots on the coast.

2 1/2 is such a fun age. Toddler’s are so aware of their world, and I love seeing language develop. As a grandparent, I appreciate these milestones in a different way than I did with my own kids. Possibly it’s because I’m not with her every day – or maybe because I know for myself how fast time goes by, but it’s a neat thing to watch.

We hit the road with Pandora playing a Raffi kids radio station. Kind of hilarious to hear Molly and her papa singing The Wheels on the Bus song for the 10th time driving down the road! She’s spent the night with us plenty of times, but I was a bit worried she’d get lonely in a different environment.  She wasn’t lonely a bit though. Her new sleeping bag was pretty enticing and she gladly went to bed for us and slept through the night. She crawled in bed with us in the morning and exclaimed, “Look Nana, we’re still at the beach!”


Oh Boy!




You can’t tell from the photo here, but the wind was howling – just a short walk down to the water.


Guardian of the dunes

We got to our campsite and she was thrilled. Molly loves the beach AND our site was next to the horse camp. We unhitched and took a quick walk over the dunes. The wind was HOWLING and playing in the sand wasn’t an option, but we did get to visit some horses on the way back.


Nehalem Bay’s horse campground is fun to walk through. This weekend their were several families camping with their horses.


The camp host nearby had some fun with their propane tanks 🙂


All cozy inside with her new sleeping bag!


Mother’s Day weekend and Todd got me this awesome little table. Retro style and fits perfectly along the sofa.


Early morning and she’s ready to go!


Cool camping shoes just like Nana’s


Checking out some GIANT jellyfish


Catching bubbles with Papa


Little treasures on bloom on path to the beach


Wild strawberries I think…



Life is good!



Their six month old puppy, Clifford came along, too!


Storms came in as we were packing up to head home.



Pretty wonderful being grandparents!