A three day weekend with the promise of sunshine, albeit, a cold one! We packed up and headed to the Metolius Recreation Area in central Oregon in hopes of enjoying some fall color. We were a week or so late this year for optimum color – but, breathtaking anyway!



This trip we decided to try a different campground farther down the gorge. The terrain is a bit different – more rugged and less of the lush green vegetation we typically associate with the Metolius. Here, the river leaves the grasslands and moves through a rocky red rock gorge. We loved the site, though. We were right on the river and surrounded by old-growth ponderosa pines. For the first two nights we were one of only two visitors at the campground. The area is fun to hike through. A very different experience from just one mile up the road.

The hike to the fish hatchery is spectacular. The water here is fast moving, but a vivid blue and so clear. We could literally count the fish as we hiked along the path. Had we timed our visit two weeks earlier, the colors would have really been vivid!

The days were warm(ISH) and beautiful, but the nights were frigid. 16 degrees at night. Glad for down blankets and our wonderful Solo Stove.


16 degrees outside, but perfect inside…..


For me, a weekend like this is just about as good as it gets! Happy memories….